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If you are interested in taking a cross-disciplinary approach to studying motor function and regulation, please contact me. Not only do we have exciting projects to work on, there are great toys! If you are a physicist, and looking to switch to biophysics, please contact me as long as you're interested in learning biology as well as physics.


I enjoy working with students, and think that the place of an advisor is in the lab, so that I'm there when you have a question. My door is always open. If you are a physics undergraduate, and would like to do biophysics for your graduate work, get in touch with me to decide whether you want to apply to the biology, physics, or bioengineering programs. All three have full support for graduate students, but there are pros and cons of each. Potential graduate students with biology, chemistry or other backgrounds are also encouraged to contact me, either before or simultaneous with your application to the graduate program.


Depending on interests, and level of commitment, I may have a place for undergraduates in my lab. Typically, an undergraduate would start working during the summer, as initial training is time-consuming. Feel free to contact me.

Email:, Office phone: (949) 824-3159

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